About Us

Welcome to Aesthetic Digital

Our Vision: Our mission is to equip businesses with the right approach to marketing so that they can gain more clients and grow their business exponentially. It’s an advertising and marketing jungle out there and with consumers being exposed to up to 5000 ads per day, businesses must take a new artful and authentic approach to marketing. Gone are the days of talking about all the features and benefits of your business and shouting from the rooftops about just how great are you. In is the marketing approach that fosters authenticity, connection, and a deep understanding of your consumers and their day to day lives. By authentically listening to your consumer’s problems and desires, we have helped countless businesses to reach and establish lasting relationships with new and existing customers. If you are ready to stand out as an authentic business and cut through a world of white noise, contact us today for a free discovery session.

Hi, I’m Jessica Ward, founder and director of Aesthetic Digital. I’d like to consider myself an Authentic Empowerer - that is what I feel to be my true mission on earth. What gets me up in the morning, is helping to empower businesses and individuals to live their best life, full of authenticity and truth. I believe marketing is an incredibly powerful tool which has become even more powerful with the new age of social media and rapid content sharing platforms.

Unfortunately, as a digital marketing professional, it saddens me to see this industry being succumbed to creating many false and inauthentic marketing messages, just to bang another dollar for their client. It equally saddens me that there are many truly amazing businesses out there, that are doing good for the world, who may not have the right knowledge or tools and are struggling to get their products and services out there.

Being tired myself of seeing the same monotonous posts and advertising, and seeing businesses taking the completely wrong approach to gain new business, I decided that businesses needed a new approach to marketing once and for all. One which takes into consideration people as people, not as “sales”. I believe that businesses who already have adopted this value of authenticity, are able to create and grow to a place beyond their wildest dreams. They just need a little help in getting there.

That’s our mission.

Jessica Ward, Founder