10 Ways To Immediately Get More Cosmetic Patients

10 Ways To Immediately Get More Cosmetic Patients

Of course, I meant ‘killer’ as in awesome.

Let’s get straight into it,

Unfortunately, as a plastic surgeon, you cannot stay ahead of the game by solely relying on referrals anymore – the competition is too heavy and showy medical credentials are not enough anymore. Effective marketing requires a multitude of things, working together in unison to help keep that consistent flow of patient bookings for you and your cosmetic practice.


It takes more stimulation today to get someone’s attention THAN EVER BEFORE IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE!

Did I get your attention??? Utilise video and media platforms. More and more businesses these days are becoming media companies rather than corporations and generic businesses. That goes for you too Dr Plastic Surgeon. This is most certainly true for definitely goes for plastic and cosmetic surgeons. You can capture people’s attention tenfold by using video instead of any text or print advertising.


Target quality consumers (not bargain hunters). Don’t be afraid to go after your ideal mummy-makeover patients or whoever they may be. Own your space. All content and advertising should detract the patients you don’t want and attract the types of patients you do want to your practice. Most people get it wrong by throwing out a net to catch everyone and everything. Attracting the right patients pay off tenfold.


Make the time to ensure your patients feel like you understand them. Keyword, ‘time’here. Let’s face it, everyone is time poor. For most patients, the decision to undergo surgery is a big deal. You can almost always be certain the patient feels when you’re eyeing the clock and this can be extremely unsettling. If time is pressing, arrange a follow-up Skype call or a courtesy call that evening.


Touch base with previous patients, keep the communication flowing even if they have been for their final post-op appointment. Maybe it’s a personalised email every couple of months to ask them how they are going? These things can be the difference between a raving fan, a great source of referrals or simply just a satisfied customer.


What else can you offer patients to entice them to come back? Even if a patient is after a more complex procedure, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the story ends there. Maybe you want to offer injectables or perhaps reach out to local medispas and wellness clinics to set up a strategic partnership in which both businesses can benefit.


Ask for referrals or better yet reward people for referring you business. This can be done in a professional, subtle and elegant way. Perhaps a thank you card or a gifted hand cream. Most professionals simply forget to ask.


Become an authority in your industry. Whether that be on Linkedin, plastic surgery forums, RealSelf, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. Your potential patients can be found on any social media platform. If you don’t personally use Instagram that doesn’t mean a big slice of your market isn’t on there. I can guarantee your top competitor is there.


Niche it down. What are you best at? What clients do you want more of? You can be the ‘general practitioner’ and target everyone and anyone wanting cosmetic surgery or, you can be the ‘go to expert’ in rhinoplasty’s per say. Chances are anyone who is in the market for rhinoplasty’s is more likely going to go to the person that is the king of this mountain rather than another surgeon that does a few here and there plus a million other procedures.


Understand the decision-making process of your potential patients. Focus on what YOU can give to THEM, not the other way around. What are the common questions patients ask? What do they need in order to feel comfortable with you?


You are your brand. Do your clients and potential clients know who you are, what you stand for and your mission? Why did you get into this field of work? Show your personality. It builds a lot of trust up-front and makes the buying decision process a lot easier. People only buy when they love you, your company and your service. You must check these three boxes or the person will not buy from you.