Which social platforms are best for plastic and cosmetic surgeons?

Which social platforms are best for plastic and cosmetic surgeons?

With the constant uprise of many different social media platforms, which ones are best to utilise for your business? Which ones actually make a difference and which ones does your current market use? The answer… well all of them, but here are our top picks. 

Snapchat – Follow Dr Tavokoli from Double Bay in Sydney. He uses Snapchat to film his pre-op and post-op cases – even in theatre. Some may say ‘too much’, however, you cannot deny his ability to reach his potential market with this medium.

Plastic Surgery Forum – A paid directory, however, there is a lot of competition here. Id suggest having a listing on here.

Instagram – Instagram is a great way to showcase your clinic, before and afters and to interact with people potentially interested in your services.

Facebook – Facebook is still the number one social platform to easily target your potential market. Facebook advertising allows you to laser target those in your local area and relevant demographics. Most people make the misconception that Facebook is just for teenagers, however most Facebook users are actually women between the ages of 35-65!

Youtube or Vimeo – A great way to put out educational content. Interview style videos work best in you want to take an educational, academic approach to your marketing. Discuss procedures, aftercare, what happens during a consultation etc. Don’t get wrapped up in how you look, just get it out there.

Linkedin – Linkedin is not just a place to house your resume online. It’s a secret sales pitch. Focus on what you do for other people. How are you the solution to their problem? Linkedin also builds your credibility within the industry and amongst other professionals in your field.

Yelp – Builds credibility and great for a local listing to back your SEO.

Real Self – Great for posting content on procedures (surgical and non-surgical). You can interact with the audience and answer user questions. Great for building authority and making yourself come across as an expert in your field. Encourage patients to post their experience on here too.

Australia Society of Plastic Surgeons – A must for all plastic surgeons to be listed here to build credibility professionally and medically.