How To Leverage Your Personal Brand To Get More Patients

How To Leverage Your Personal Brand To Get More Patients

In the medical industry, your personal brand needs just as much attention as your practice branding. You are essentially your work.

Why Is Your Personal Brand Important?

There are a number of industries where a customer’s opinion is formed by those who ‘run’ the business. The medical and cosmetic industry is DEFINITELY one of them. Not only for surgeons but by all performing a particular treatment or procedure.

An enormous amount of research is conducted before a patient makes any final decision. This is why your personal brand and reputation offline and online is more important than ever.

What Does An Influential Personal Brand Do For Your Business?

  1. Creates trust and transparency with potential patients
  2. Fosters personal relationships making the ‘sales’ process smoother
  3. Builds credibility and longevity as a practice
  4. Gives you a pathway to becoming an ‘authority’ in your market
  5. You attract patients who are aligned with your own values and goals
  6. An overall higher perceived value

I can go on and on about the importance of building your personal brand as a doctor or surgeon. But, mostly, it helps you to grow your practice exponentially and connect with a mass potential market.

Where To Start

1.    Know Your Target Audience

Very similarly to what you would do with any business, you need to start with who your audience is. Ask questions like; What influences these people? What value can you give to your audience? What’s the reason these people would look up to you? What do you want to be known for? What’s your end goal and vision? Who do you want to help and how can you help? What are their goals and aspirations? After addressing these questions, you can easily align yourself with your ideal audience and have much more success in becoming their influencer.

2.    Use Your Personality To Stand Out From The Crowd

Why are you different? Why are you unique? How are you any different to all of the other plastic surgeons or dentists out there. What do you bring to the table? I’ll use myself as an example. I work in marketing with lots of medical professionals, however, I personally don’t use a typical language style or ‘academic’ approach to my writing like most of my audience and competitors do. Now that may offend some people, I get it. However, it might also make the articles I write stand out – which is exactly what I am trying to achieve. Rather than dulling myself down, I have chosen to accentuate this conversational, sometimes blunt style of communicating. What traits of yours can you accentuate?

3.    Build Your Online Assets

Ensure that you are present on Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram and whichever platforms your ideal audience are hanging out. I understand it can be frustrating flicking from a personal account to a business account through some of these mediums. A good solution to this is just to ensure that some posts are written and signed off by you, telling your story or your experiences.

You may want to set up a two-page website for to showcase any skills, experience, charity work and business ventures you are involved in. Guest blogging is also a great way to build more credibility online. Answering questions on Realself, or contributing to influential sites like Plastic Surgery Hub not only builds influence within the industry but also with patients too.

4.    Give Value To People

This is probably the most important point of this whole article. If you are not giving something of value to someone, they are simply not going to care. Think about it for a second. All of the things we choose to digest throughout the day – whether that be a Bite Magazine article, or Dr Tavakoli’s Snapchat Story, or perhaps a flight special to Paris. These things all fulfill some sort of a personal need or desire, or in some cases pain. So how are you making someone’s day better? Are you going to be the living proof of how someone can achieve their goals? Is your content showing what’s possible and how you can help them?

5.    Start An Online Group Or Community

This is the best, free way to build your online presence and personal brand. You can start off with a simple Facebook group and answer common questions or direct questions to a hashtag like #Askmeanything. This builds trust, credibility, and influence amongst your prospective patients.

So, to save this article turning into the next encyclopedia, we will follow this article up with a second part series to supercharge your personal branding journey.

There are so many more conventional and unconventional ways to build your personal brand. As always, if you have any questions and feedback please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Jessica Ward

Cosmetic Marketing Expert, Aesthetic Digital