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Why Online Reviews Are One Of The Most Important Deciding Factors For Patients


Our Findings From Interviewing Past Patients When it comes to patients reviewing your dental practice or your plastic surgery clinic,…
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How To Leverage Your Personal Brand To Get More Patients


In the medical industry, your personal brand needs just as much attention as your practice branding. You are essentially your…
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5 Ways To Turn Instagram ‘Likes’ Into Patients For Your Cosmetic Clinic


Put plain and simply, there’s no secret as to why Instagram is so popular. They have a HUGE 500 million…
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The Changing Landscape Of Dental Marketing


I have heard on multiple occasions, professionals within the medical industry mention that Facebook and Adwords and other mediums of…
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Sydney plastic surgeon opens the door to his operating theatre


Double Bay surgeon Dr Tavakoli is not one to shy away from the camera. Based in Sydney NSW, this prestigious…
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Which social platforms are best for plastic and cosmetic surgeons?


With the constant uprise of many different social media platforms, which ones are best to utilise for your business? Which…
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10 Ways To Immediately Get More Cosmetic Patients


Of course, I meant ‘killer’ as in awesome. Let’s get straight into it, Unfortunately, as a plastic surgeon, you cannot…
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