Facebook launches new “Sponsored Messages” ads

Facebook launches new “Sponsored Messages” ads

If Facebook weren’t dominating the internet enough – they sure are now.

Every month over 900 million people worldwide use Facebook Messenger to communicate with family, friends, and businesses worldwide. So it makes sense that now, Facebook has recently started beta testing with “Sponsored Messenger” ads.

Now you may be very familiar with “Sponsored Posts” that you see popping up in your newsfeed, but what’s the difference?

A sponsored post is a paid advertisement that you see pop up in your newsfeed. The advertiser pays to show this post to and for your click.

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What exactly is a “Sponsored Message” then?

Well, it’s essentially a much more personalised approach to advertising. It allows the business to engage with the user directly via Facebook messenger.

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Source: Netimperative

So how does it work?

Even though this new function is still in its very early testing stages, “Sponsored Messages” can pull the user into a conversation with a ‘chat bot’ with the end goal of selling a product or service. A chatbot is a form of AI (artificial intelligence), which has inherently become the latest and greatest novelty in the tech world as of late.

So how could this potentially change the game for your cosmetic practice?

I hope by now you can see how powerful this tool can be for your business! Now, we’re not exactly sure how Facebook will roll this out yet, but here are my predictions of how this function can add huge value to the way in which you can communicate with potential patients:

  • It will allow your practice to be more approachable with consumers having access to quick information 24/7
  • The ability to communicate with anyone who has landed on your Facebook business page
  • It will allow automated but personalised responses to consumer questions and queries directly through Facebook messenger
  • If selling products, the acceptance of payment through Facebook messenger
  • Patients will be able to book appointments directly through Facebook messenger
  • When someone has visited your business page, this can trigger an initial message to the prospective patient e.g. “Hi Claire, let us know if you have any questions about any of our procedures or treatments” – this is so cool!
  • The ability to communicate any offers, specials or value to the consumer instantly
  • Real-time analytics – see block rates of certain users etc.

Now, the list can go on and on but as you can see, here are just a few minor advantages of this exciting new tool!

Of course, as with any type of artificial intelligence or automation, there can be a negative side. Facebook need to be careful in the way in which they allow businesses to use this function. It’s safe to say that the rules aren’t fully defined yet and Facebook are being very wary that this could easily be taken advantage of and annoy end users. We also then have the debate on robots replacing humans but that’s whole different discussion for another time!

Watch more about “Sponsored Messages” here.

And most importantly, stay tuned and watch this space!


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