The Changing Landscape Of Dental Marketing

The Changing Landscape Of Dental Marketing

I have heard on multiple occasions, professionals within the medical industry mention that Facebook and Adwords and other mediums of digital marketing are “over-used” in today’s marketplace as a means of promoting their businesses. Well, I am here to blow this myth out of the water and reinforce the hard facts.

“Where the eyeballs go, money follows” digital marketing expert, Gary Vaynerchuk


We are so lucky and fortunate that today we live in an era where digital marketing can be utilised for a fraction of the price than that of traditional print media. But, we can also reach 10-20 times the number of consumers that we have ever been able to. If you are in the medical industry, and specifically in the dental industry, it is more crucial than ever to get a piece of the pie, otherwise, you can wave goodbye to your prospects as they run into the open arms of one of your competitors.

Why is digital marketing crucial for your dental practice?

Well let’s look at the facts:

  • 26% of patients conduct searches for more information online
  • 38% begin the process of research online
  • 39% visit advertised websites
  • 36% consider the advertised dental practice

Source: Google/The Modellers, Health Conscious Consumer Study September 2013

It is very important not to confuse things like Facebook or Instagram likes with profitability. Online presence may give you the leverage, but it is how you convert that leverage into sales which matters. This separates the successful entrepreneurs from the wannabes.

How do you build your online market share?

  1. A responsive website – the age of local directories are over. Think of your website as your shop front. Information needs to be easily found and be optimised for mobile users. Keeping an updated blog will also drive traffic to your site. Keep your Yellow Pages subscription and invest that money into PPC, Adwords and Facebook advertising for a fraction of the cost.
  2. Have best SEO (search engine optimisation) practices – this takes time, but everything you add or do on your website should uphold best SEO practices. Google actually rewards websites for things like regularly updated information, responsiveness and but penalizes websites that are stagnant and dated.
  3. SEM (search engine marketing) – SEO is a component of SEM. Both can work together to drive quantities of traffic to your website or landing page. PPC (Pay per click) advertising is one of the most affordable and effective ways to forecast what you can expect back from your investment – if done correctly. If this is set up wrong though, it can be very costly.
  4. Use landing pages for high ticket treatments – Think of a landing page as a niche shop front. You can go to the supermart to find your apples, or you could go straight to a store that only sells apples. These can be used to match up perfectly with prospects searching for your services.

If utilised effectively and consistently, these components of digital marketing can be the quickest way to grow your online market share. Whether you are a dental practice, a cosmetic medical clinic or a specialised plastic surgeon consistency is key. The biggest mistake business owners make is once they see results, they stop doing what got them there in the first place. In fact, it’s only the beginning.

Once your market share starts to improve, you should build upon your existing online marketing strategies and use this as a springboard to propel your business forward. Doing nothing will not keep you where you are. It will result in your business slipping backwards and lead your prospects straight into the hands of your competition.